New Moon // Kiss me

22 icons + 2 banners + 1 wallpaper

Back again! Credit to dazzled1918

+++ 5 Rob Pattinson
+++ 5 Kristen Stewart
+++ 5 Kate Winslet
+++ 5 Leonardo DiCaprio
++++ 1 Kate/Leo banner
++++ 1 Rob/Kristen banner
+++++ 1 New Moon wallpaper


Larger arts preview

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Kristen // Dazed and Confused

another new layout :)

 New gorgeous layout again, by the fabulous palebird . Hope you enjoyed the previous icons and I am beginning to work on a new batch as we speak, but for now, I would like to announce that

I am open to requests again.

Please send me a message / leave a comment here if you would like something made. Please attach the following details:

001+ if you would like icons / a header / a banner / a wallpaper / dvd art / poster

002+ sizes in pixels...(not for icons though, as these are all 100px x 100px!)

003+ a minimum of 2 pictures and a maximum of 5

004+ text that you may wish to be on the art

005+ pictures from photoshoots / public appearances are preferred over screencaps C:

006+ if you would mind if I post them to my lj :)

Kristen // Entertainment weekly2

It's been a long time...

Heyheyhey livejournal! Sorry I havent posted in an AGE but I just had some inspiration with the new shoots and I am here to deliver some new icons!!! Credit to dazzled1918

+++ 6 Dazed and Confused shoot
+++ 6 Dossier shoot
+++8 Entertainment Weekly shoot
+++8 New moon Themed



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Kristen // Entertainment weekly2

new layout

The time has come again for a new beautiful layout, made by greydrop . I will be updating with more New Moon graphics shortly, but until then, feel free to browse my site. I don't take requests at the moment, but I am always welcome to new suggestions :)
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Icon Update

Sorry I haven't updated recently. Been so busy sorting out my birthday party which is on SATURDAY! I am sooo excited! Anywho...Some New Moon icons for you from the new AMAZ trailer which makes me cry with joy and depression. I will try to update with some wallpapers soon :) ++++22 New Moon themed icons

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Kristen // Entertainment weekly2


Hey again! This is just a post to say that I am sorry I have been so distant from my LJ recently, mainly to do with school and stuff. So this is a post to let y'all know that I am still here and will be updating with Twilight graphics shortly! Thank you for being understanding and I hope you like the stuff to come! 

Remember: not long now to submit your requests!!
Kristen // Entertainment weekly2

Icon Judgement Day...

Here goes, the time has come. Please rate my icons as I need feedback to keep my lj alive! Please be constructive, I'm all for criticism but it needs to be helpful! Thank you again for commenting on my LJ. Comment = love.
I am still open to requests but will close to requests on the 1st June.

Twilight // Prom kiss


Hope he has a great day and decides he loves me and wants to get married to me.

Here are a few Twiicons as promised...not that many only 11 but hey! Enjoy!!!! STILL open to requests BTW.

++++11 Robsessed icons
++++1 banner

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Twilight // Vegetarians

4 Summer dream profile codes...

Upon the request ofchlarkfanI have poorly attempted to make a profile table. This is my first profile table so please tell me if it sucks give me constructive criticism. If I receive enough con-crit, I will try to make a Twilight themed profile table.

NB. I am still open to requests and I will be updating with some Twilight graphics shortly...

>> Paste the css into the 'bio' section under your profile
>> Change the appropriate details and enter text
>> to see an example click here

Image Hosted by



>> Flexible Squares S2
>> Basic / Plus / Paid

~ Credit dazzled1918 if you use the layout.
~ Comments are just common courtesy.
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